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Integrated Unit Of  "Allied Northern Group"

Immigration Advisory

Canadian immigration is riddled with confusion & chaos. As your trusted advisor, we bring you up to speed on your profile. It always helps to be a group firm of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, we leave nothing at all to chance

The Lighthouse Effect . . .


Magic happens when you don't give up, even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart. We guess this is what our clients finally gave in to.
We call it persistence, inspired by the age old concept of a  "Lighthouse".Whatever be the weather conditions and irrespective of how bad the situation might be, a Lighthouse will always continue to function in order to deliver safety and security to the ships out at sea. Think of us as the same and our sole objective is to guide you home !

Why Choose Us ?

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​We started off with Digital Media solutions in 2016, providing our elite clientele with some hard hitting content for various social media platforms and web based stories.


This further branched out into an Immigration Advisory section in 2018 and in 2019, we added our Software Production & CX Consulting units, thereby completing the bouquet of offerings that defines us today. We've had a great run and we've loved every minute of what we've been doing so far, bring it on !

Experience Freshness . . .

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The Globewalker Team comes with a single philosophy. We've always believed in being an integral part of your workforce, irrespective of the nature of the business that we are engaged in with yourself. For us, every client is a reflection of the hard work that we do every single day towards their success.

We're known to be very collaborative in nature. If we can find a way out for our clients through our network companies, we won't hold anything back. Whatever it takes to save the day !

Our Service Offerings

We've got a lot on the menu, let your appetite decide what all you'd like to order

Canada Express Entry

Know more about Canada's elite Express Entry System and learn the ropes of the process

Entrepreneur Visa

All that you ever needed for setting up your firm in Canada, we handle it all

Digital CX Consulting

Improve Your Customer eXperience Across All Channels Via Our Tools

Permanent Resident Visa

Know more about a PR visa application for Canada & make an informed move

Migratory Skills

Expert & detailed advice on language exams like IELTS / TOEFL and more

Learning & Development

Up Skill Your Employees On A Range Of Topics & Raise Your Productivity

Study Abroad Visa

Study and stay in any one of over Fifty plus  different countries

Cross Border Moves

Get all your questions answered around concerns on shifting

SMMA & Software

Get Yourself Quality Digital Branding & Customized Software

Meet The Group Firm

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Globewalker started off as a single brand in 2016 and over the last 5 years has grown across 5 verticals including Immigration, Study Abroad, SMMA, Software Production & Digital CX along with L&D operations across India and Canada.


Our group operations culminates into the banner of Allied Northern Group which constitutes of the entire Globewalker brand set, The Canadian, ANB Immigration Inc. which is a separate North American firm founded by legal immigration experts and EP firms like SACPL, RI2 and QSET.

Our SMMA Clients

Ever since 2016, we've been dealing with a range of Social Media services across the more popularly known terminology, Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA).


In fact, that's how we actually got Globewalker off the ground and flying into the winds. Over the years, we've also successfully moved into Immigration, Software Production and Digital CX Solutions, but as they say, first love will always remain to be so. Take a walk down memory lane with our fond clients in this space, some of whom still continue to stay with us till date.


We're Highly Social


We love being Social, in fact so much so that we've got a majority of our clients, to be precise around 83% off the Social Media platforms that we manage. Pretty much the same for our clients for whom in turn we manage various portfolios across a multitude of platforms and services.


But what makes us more social than ever is the fact that we love responding to our clients across Social Media, ask us a question and you'll have the answer in no time. That's a promise from our side !

Canadian Immigration News Board

Canadian immigration is a wonderland of questions and riddles. There are more than 80 immigration programs that exist as on date and it's no wonder then that people get confused with which ones are applicable to them and whether they should choose one over the other.

While our experts are there to answer all the questions, we'd rather also let you follow all the latest news snippets on this scene. This helps a lot in understanding the various terminologies that exist and in the process gets you familiarised with commonly used terms and words in the immigration segment. Keep reading, stay energised and excited, we'll get you home to Canada !

March 30, 2022

Latest Express Entry Draw (PNP Type) - 919 Invites

Immigration Fraud Protection


In today's day and age, there is a possibility of fraud lurking in every sector. From digital transactions to online payments, from banking to immigration and everything in between, you've just got to be careful about what all goes into a process.


How do you ensure your safety while interacting with an immigration advisor ? There's a lot of indications that should help you decide whether you're in the right space or not. Have a look at the details below and you'll hopefully be able to play it really safe.

Canada PR Benefits & Cost


When it comes to Canada, the beauty's that there's a program for almost every one. With over 100 widely different routes to move to this country, it's only obvious that one can get really confused and end up taking the wrong path as well as get mixed up on the costs.


An RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) will always ensure that you are given the best cost optimised option and also one which is beneficial towards your final move to Canada. Let's look at a general cost break up as a benchmark.

Canada Immigration Detailed


Let's understand the concept of Express Entry and why you need to be in it for your selection to happen. We'll also go through some important criteria like how are your CRS points calculated and what all can be done in order to have an increased set of points.


Do keep in mind that immigration is as much an effort from your side as it is from the service provider that you're hiring to get your paperwork done. While there are means to get everything done in a legit manner, your efforts will always count towards your success.

Cable Cars

Taking You To The "Summit"

Everything to do with cross border moves including immigration, should culminate into 100% client satisfaction and the only way to make this happen is to ensure that we get you across. Whatever be your need, our team stands tall in order to get you success, delivered to your doorstep.

For us, the the end result's always mattered and that's how we differentiate ourselves from the pack.


  • From Work Permit applications to PR Visas across Federal and Provincial segments

  • From Labour Market documentation to Employer Connect

  • From Investor Visas, Business Setups and Humanitarian Applications to well documented and structured Student Visa Application processing

We've been instrumental in taking our unique clientele to a whole

new "summit" of excellence.


How do we do it ? Read on to know more . . .

Globalized Outlook

Globalized Outlook


We've delivered projects across Digital CX Consulting, Contact Centre Solutions, Software Production & Tech Support Services for a range of clients in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Middle East and the Indian Sub-Continent as well.


The founding members have worked extensively with various cultures. This makes it extremely simple for the operating teams to learn and adapt to constantly changing surroundings and execute given instructions as per requirements from a global clientele.

The "CP" Connect

The "CP" Connect

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Growing together is a wonderful thing, which is why we invite you to come and work with us as a Channel Partner. We've got a great culture and are absolutely transparent as a company to work with. In fact, our channel partners love to work with us since they take home their payouts even before the corporate team does. We guess the system couldn't get fairer than this.


So, what does it take to be on the team ? Just an open mindset and a clear willingness to help every client whole heartedly. Nothing compares to satisfaction.

We Love Animals

We Love Animals

Meet "NaniCoco" : Seen here, in the picture above is one of the lucky ones that we picked off the streets of Pune and were able to successfully redeploy in the rural farmlands of Western Maharashtra with the help of a loving family.


There are many more who need your help. Our Coroprate Social Responsibility (CSR) segment focuses specifically on street animal protection, rescue and rehabilitation. Do you have a heart that really cares for a cause ? Connect with us & be the change you've always wanted to be !


Opportunities In "Canada"

Executive Desk

Our world is full of choices, and sometimes they just aren't the easiest ones to make. As a matter of fact, with global access, one can easily get confused with the many an options that are available at a world wide level.

Our role entails a lot more than just giving you the options and the necessary information around them. We've always prided ourselves on the fact that we even go straight out and refuse cases that we feel won't be a good fit for the customer in the long run. Obviously, we need to ensure that everything we get to the table should suit the end user at some point of the other. It's just part of our value system and our DNA as well.

That's precisely where we come in, acute business understanding, poly geo presence and multiple years of relevant experience help us bring cutting edge customer experience to the forefront. An experience which remains unparalleled and undisputed. We help you "Elevate Your Horizon" to it's true potential and that's an absolute Globewalker commitment !

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