The Lighthouse Effect . . .

Magic happens when you don't give up, even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart. We guess this is what our clients finally gave in to. We call it persistence, inspired by the age old concept of what we know as a "Lighthouse".


Whatever be the weather conditions and irrespective of how bad the situation might be, a Lighthouse will always continue to function in order to deliver safety and security to the ships out at sea. Pretty much the same with our services. The team is very high on integrity and discipline is enforced top down, so we can very confidently claim that even thinking of letting you down isn't an option.

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Globewalker Networks

" Elevate Your Horizon "

Immigration Advisory

Canadian immigration is riddled with confusion & chaos. As your trusted advisor, we bring you up to speed on your profile. It always helps to be a group firm of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, we leave nothing at all to chance

Our Service Offerings

We've got a lot on the menu, let your appetite decide what all you'd like to order

Canada Express Entry

Leave your details for us to study and advise you on the best way forward

Entrepreneur Visa

All that you ever needed for setting up your firm in Canada, we handle it all

Digital CX Consulting

Improve Your Customer eXperience Across All Channels Via Our Tools

Permanent Resident Visa

Know more about a PR visa application for Canada & make an informed move

Migratory Skills

Expert & detailed advice on language exams like IELTS / TOEFL and more

Learning & Development

Up Skill Your Employees On A Range Of Topics & Raise Your Productivity

Study Abroad Visa

Study and stay in any one of over Fifty plus  different countries

Cross Border Moves

Get all your questions answered around concerns on shifting

SMMA & Software

Get Yourself Quality Digital Branding & Customized Software

Why Choose Us ?
We began our journey in the summer of 2018 as a registered entity, although we were in business around 2 years before that at an informal level. Over the years we've been spreading ourselves into different segments, thanks to all the right opportunities coming our way, at the perfect time.
Our story is as interesting as anyone else's and we've been truly blessed with the right set of people and the perfect set of clients, who joined us on our journey. All thanks to them, we've achieved a lot in our timeline. Read on to know more . . .
It's Always The Stats That Matter . . .

Projects / 570 +

From a range of B2B projects implemented across the MSME segment to over 200 visa counselling sessions, we've got the exposure you expect. You're in safe hands for sure, rest assured !

Clients / 280 +

Globewalker's a trusted name in the Digital CX segment as well as the Visa vertical. We're known to be extremely critical of ourselves to deliver world class value to our customers !

OTD / 95.3%

On time delivery ensures that everyone's happy. We know that feeling of satisfaction when a great job is done and we stand testament to the fact that OTD is a metric we swear by day in & day out !

CE / 96.7%

Client engagement is a factor we measure as a critical metric. What works best for you is what gives us the highest level of satisfaction. We literally live off this criterion top down, daily !

"groovv" To Our Social Tunes
Our social media division fondly known as "groovv" has been actively engaged with over 100 plus clients across the world to deliver stellar results which leave audiences highly engaged with our client's social media handles and their web presence.
From insightful and data driven research to well articulated and extremely well written content, there's tons of things that we execute for our clients on a daily basis. There's a simple logic in what we do, it's called high customer satisfaction, the rest is just another day at work for us.

The Bridge To A Relation . . .

The Globewalker Team comes with a single philosophy. We've always believed in being an integral part of your workforce, irrespective of the nature of the business that we are engaged in with yourself. For us, every client is a reflection of the hard work that we do every single day towards their success.


In turn, we believe in being an extension of this very relationship into the external world. For you, outsourcing should be in exchange of piece of mind and for us, another win of a relation, for a lifetime


Solutions That Are Truly Global

We've delivered projects across Digital CX Consulting, Contact Centre Solutions, Software Production & Tech Support Services for a range of clients in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Middle East and the Indian Sub-Continent as well.
Our global clientele makes for some extremely wonderful overseas experiences. While it demands for us to know multiple cultures, this factor just adds to the whole fun element. We'd love to get to know yet another culture at the earliest that we possibly can. 
Executive Desk
Our world is full of choices, and sometimes they just aren't the easiest ones to make. As a matter of fact, with global access, one can easily get confused with the many an options that are available at a world wide level.
But that's precisely where we come in, acute business understanding, poly geo presence and multiple years of relevant experience help us bring cutting edge customer experience to the forefront. An experience which remains unparalleled and undisputed. We help you "Elevate Your Horizon" to it's true potential and that's a Globewalker commitment !
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Let's "Pauz" For a "Cause"
#FactFile : Across the world, every 15 seconds an animal faces abuse
Meet "NaniCoco" : Seen here, in the picture above is one of the lucky ones that we picked off the streets of Pune and were able to successfully redeploy in the rural farmlands of Western Maharashtra with the help of a loving family. He was just 2 weeks old when his mom and siblings passed away in a very tragic road accident.
There are many more who need your help and there's just not enough hands as there are helpless animals on the streets of India.
Our Coroprate Social Responsibility (CSR) segment focuses specifically on street animal protection, rescue and rehabilitation. Do you have a heart of gold ? Connect with us and make a change !

Canadian Immigration News Board

Canadian immigration is a wonderland of questions and riddles. There are more than 80 immigration programs that exist as on date and it's no wonder then that people get confused with which ones are applicable to them and whether they should choose one over the other.

While our experts are there to answer all the questions, we'd rather also let you follow all the latest news snippets on this scene. This helps a lot in understanding the various terminologies that exist and in the process gets you familiarised with commonly used terms and words in the immigration segment. Keep reading, stay energised and excited, we'll get you home to Canada !

December 23, 2020

The Latest Express Entry Draw - Another 5000 Invited

Our Channel Partner Program
Growing together is a wonderful thing, which is why we invite you to come and work with us as a Channel Partner. We've got a great culture and are absolutely transparent as a company to work with. In fact, our channel partners love to work with us since they take home their payouts even before the corporate team does.
So, what does it take to be on the team ? Just an open mindset and a clear willingness to help each and every client till the point they don't need support any further. Do you have what it takes to make the cut ? Let's chat & take it forward.
Open Parachute

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Immigration advisory and consulting is serious business, we urge you to be safe and to protect yourself from fraudsters

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