Top 20 attractions in Prague


Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a city known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. There is an abundance of things to see and do in Prague, and it can be challenging to choose where to start. To help you plan your trip, we have compiled a list of the top 20 attractions in Prague.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in Prague, connecting the Old Town with the Lesser Town. The bridge dates back to the 14th century and features stunning Gothic statues.

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, dating back to the 9th century. The castle complex includes several palaces, museums, and churches, and offers stunning views of the city.

Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is the heart of Prague’s historic center, featuring stunning Gothic and Baroque architecture. It is home to the famous astronomical clock, the Jan Hus Memorial, and the St. Nicholas Church.

St. Vitus Cathedral

The St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the most important landmarks in Prague and is located within the Prague Castle complex. The cathedral’s stunning Gothic architecture and stained glass windows make it a must-see attraction.

Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter, also known as Josefov, is a historic neighborhood in Prague that is home to several synagogues, including the Old-New Synagogue, the oldest functioning synagogue in Europe.

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is one of the most popular squares in Prague, located in the New Town. It is home to several historic buildings, including the National Museum and the statue of Saint Wenceslas.

Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill is a hill located in the center of Prague that offers stunning views of the city. It is home to several parks, gardens, and landmarks, including the Petrin Tower, a miniature Eiffel Tower.


Vysehrad is a historic fortress located on a hill overlooking the Vltava River. It is home to several historic buildings and landmarks, including the Vysehrad Cemetery, where many famous Czechs are buried.


The Klementinum is a historic complex that includes several buildings, including the National Library of the Czech Republic. It is home to stunning Baroque architecture and the famous Mirror Chapel.

Dancing House

The Dancing House is a modern building in Prague that stands out for its unique design, resembling a pair of dancers. It is home to several restaurants, galleries, and offices.

National Museum

The National Museum is a historic building located on Wenceslas Square that houses several exhibits showcasing Czech history, art, and culture.

Municipal House

The Municipal House is a stunning Art Nouveau building located in the heart of Prague. It is home to several galleries, concert halls, and restaurants.

Clementinum Astronomical Tower

The Clementinum Astronomical Tower is a historic tower that offers stunning views of Prague. It is home to several astronomical instruments, including the world’s oldest working astronomical clock.

Strahov Monastery

The Strahov Monastery is a historic monastery located on a hill overlooking Prague. It is home to several historic buildings, including the Strahov Library, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world, home to over 4,000 animals representing over 650 species. It is located in the Troja district, and visitors can get there by boat, bus, or tram.

Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall is a colorful and historic wall located in Prague, Czech Republic. It was originally a regular wall, but it became a canvas for messages of love and peace following the death of John Lennon in 1980. The wall is located near the French Embassy in the Lesser Town district of Prague, and it is covered in graffiti, paintings, and messages. The artwork on the wall is constantly changing, and visitors can add their own messages or artwork to the wall. The Lennon Wall has become a symbol of peace and freedom of expression, and it is a popular attraction for tourists visiting Prague.

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