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Founded in 2020, Allied Northern is the group entity comprising of a set of broad spectrum consulting firms with it's Headquarters situated in the heart of Brampton, which is one of the most sought after locations in the entire GTA -Greater Toronto Area.

The group operates across diversified verticals dealing with Technology Solutions, Hybrid Contact Center Solutions, Social Media Account Management along with Integrated CX Consulting and of course Immigration Services too. Every division being independent in it's operation with a separate PnL but all standing for a strong, consistent value system.

We're a great team to work with, simply because we believe in the power of knowledge coupled with the respect for human relations. Our service delivery units operate under a range of banners across India & Canada namely : Globewalker Networks, Globewalker Immigration Advisory, Globewalker Academic Services and Globewalker Business Services. One of our sister concerns in the North American space is ANB Immigration Inc. which deals with a range of Express Entry routes for skilled and un-skilled immigration for Canada.

We also work exclusively with a select few firms operating in the Indian & North American spaces, dealing with specific products like Student Visas and Investor / Business Visas for a very niche clientele. It's all in a day's work for us !

Our Service Verticals

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We've built Custom Software Solutions for a range of clients in the Hospitality, Logistics, Finance, Insurance and General Consulting segments. Each of our solutions is a result of careful and intricate study of our clients' business architecture so that there's a seamless integration of the technology platform into their daily operations. This results in a very high level of business productivity and service delivery leading to a great client experience for their end users.

We produce custom software and apps on a range of platforms including PHP, Ruby On Rails, Android, Node JS, Angular JS, IOS & Wordpress. With distributed teams sitting out of Pune and Mumbai in India, we know exactly which set of folks to deploy for getting you the results that you expect out of your application.

A 20 hour customer support window over a 6 day workweek ensures that we stay in sync with what our clients expect from us thereby ensuring a service quality that's almost unparalleled. One thing's for sure, we know the pulse of our business and we know what makes our customer's tick, so that's half the battle won.

Meet our sales folks for understanding the solution that we could create for you, we'll most likely amaze you with all the automation that we have on offer !
Immigration Advisory & Consulting is very serious business. For a client, it's a huge change from where they are right now to where they'll be in a few months from now. Right from the physical location to the weather, food, culture, ambience and the way you deal with human relations, the change is immense but it's a change for the better in so many ways. We understand these complications and we understand the inhibitions that come with this move.
Which is why we have a team which themselves are not just certified on the Immigration Procedures for Canada but are Permanent Resident (PR) holders or are Citizens themselves. This helps them in resonating with the thoughts of a client who's just getting into the process and might have tons of questions around the entire lifecycle of how this entire structure works from the beginning to the end.
We specialise in all of the 80 odd programs for Canadian Immigration that are in existence today and we know for a fact that our diligent study and keen eye for detail will continue to be a strength of each of our clients whom we represent in the Immigration lifecycle. If Canada's on your mind, you need the best that you can think of and if the best is also an ICCRC Member via an RCIC Registration, you know you're all set for success. Welcome home to Canada !
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Customer Experience is the true battle ground for companies today and we understand this fact from ground up. It's not easy running an organisation and when you've got customer operations pressures to top it all, the overall stress can be quite overwhelming. This is where you let the experts on customer lifecycle management step in and take things to the next level.

With the operating partners having more than 50 years of combined customer service deliverables experience between themselves, we specialise in turning the tides in your favour, every single time a customer interaction takes place between your organisation and your precious customers.

Be it inbound or outbound voice operations, integrated customer experience centre management, hybrid chat and voice operations as well as complex back order processing, we've got a solution for every type of customer interaction vertical that you can think of. The result of our intervention is nothing short of astounding.

From inception till delivery and the entire gamut in between, whatever you can envisage, we can deliver and even go beyond. While you sit back and focus on your core business we manage your CX strategy and execution, success is guaranteed !
Social Media accounts for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are a whole new ball game. These companies sit right in the middle of the spectrum, not too large to be able to afford a full fledged social media team but at the same time not too small to be able to ignore being on the various social media platforms.

Here's where we come in. We understand that you'd probably not want to commit to a whole Social Media team while we can use economies of scale and manage your accounts for you through the many experts who sit out of our office. You could choose from a range of platforms that you'd want us to manage for you : LinkedIn, Twitter, facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Quora and more. We'll deploy our experts to help deliver the content, the strategy and the execution, tailor made to your liking. Now you can focus on the specifics of your business and we can do exactly what we've been designed to . . . manage your Social Media accounts.

During the course of the execution, we could also throw in our expertise around Integrated CX Management for Social Platforms, thereby giving you an edge like never before. Additionally, we could also build a very extensive CX model for you which includes a mix of Social Media and Traditional Customer Connect Channels. Ready for the big game ?

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