Relations Mean The World To Us

Although we've worked for a large number of clients, some as their direct outsourced agency, some as ghost bloggers, some as their third party vendor and some as their Social Media Content team, we've always believed that this is the most strongest chain in the network. We've prided ourselves on having a range of clients and irrespective of the ticket size, we know that we've made a difference in their lives, every time we've executed a successful project for them !

Our clients are split into two sections as below :

  • B2C : where-in we can't really call them clients as they are part of our volunteer networking. We're into extensive volunteering services for immigration to Australia and Canada. We work with a large network of volunteers to get you the truth about what's happening on ground. With increasing cases on fraudulent activities around PR visa processing for the above mentioned countries, we try and get you the truth amidst all the confusion. We primarily run a volunteer visa advisory section where-in you could spend time with our investors who are qualified PR holders of Canada or you could speak in person to any of our volunteers who are also PR holders. We try and get you the truth so that you can take an informed decision. If you'd like us to guide you on the Visa application, the same can be done over multiple counselling sessions. We are however not registered immigration consultants as we are majorly into volunteer advisory and guidance services.

  • Our B2B client details where we manage Digital CX consulting can be found here and again these are just a few who have allowed us to publish their names, there are many more for whom we work behind the screens and again we are mindful of their sentiments and hence do not metion their details here.

Over the years, for us as well just like in a lot of other successful business houses, we've seen massive success due to client referrals and great relations. Let's churn a few of those numbers for your benefit :

  • We enjoy huge returning client number, to the tune of 63%

  • Our existing clients have referred new businesses to us to the tune of a whopping 49%

  • Our client master VOC recorded over 32 different sector clients is an impressive : 4.46 On 5

Here's a few of our B2B clients listed down for you, there's many more !

Civietas Interiors | Bricks N Acres Realtors | JSK Consultants | Mobicloud Technologies | NM Data Centre Technologies | BitCoin Tecbytes | ABC Consulting | Studio1Hub Designs | SRD Realty | Satkar Infotech | Isenberg India | JHL Foods | AP Distributors | HRAssistance | College Inc. | Farmland Resorts | Dignity Dialogue | Duns | QSET Tech | Ovhal Group | Ayaan's Clothing | Benchmark Group | Healthcare India | JnG Fried Foods | Lyveskyllz Network | Kratoss Global | CallKraft Technologies | Globewalker Group | iLurn Systems | MVC Group | SRS Consulting | Amuwa Technologies | Ideate Studios | Scribbler's Net | Asphalt Designs | Great Indian Wardrobe | Integra Design Systems | Sonata Interiors | Commerzial Group | Big V Telco | Interglobe Consultants | Headwest Systems | BNCT | LiftnShift Logistics | Impact Logic | Chandan Grp

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