Cross Border Movement

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Cross border movements are extremely frequent nowadays and there's tons of people who move globally on a daily basis either for work, for studies or even on temporary business assignments or it could be the mother of all moves, migrating to a new country for life. As such, the number of questions that arise are many in number :

Movement Related

  • Flight Tickets

  • Best Time / Season To Travel

  • Post Landing Queries

  • Initial Settling Down and Basics Of Moving To A New Place

  • Post Landing Paperwork And Sign Offs

  • Liaising With All Intermediate Authorities In The Process

  • Clearing Your Post Landing Interviews & Stepping Out

Family & Work

  • Networking For Securing a Job If You Don't Have One

  • Opening Your Overseas Bank Account & Other Banking Needs 

  • Scouting For Schools, Hospitals & Other Common Areas Of Interest

  • Securing A Driving Licence And Getting The Benefit Of Your Home Country Driving Experience

  • List Of Accompanying Elements Including Furniture & More

  • Visa Assistance For Old Parents / Family Back Home

  • Securing Essential Services Like SIM Card, Rented Homes & If Possible, A Vehicle

  • Plus Much More . . .

There could be over a 100 questions that could be addressed if we put oursleves to it, the thing is that you might not even know that those many questions exist. We help you clear the air and get your feet on the ground, ready for a chat ?

We'd be more than happy to get you moving at the earliest !