Digital CX Consulting

Work Space

The founding team members have extensive experience in the field of contact centre solutions for a wide range of services including but not limited to the following services : Telecom, Finance, Collections, Logistics and Broad Scope Back Office documentation processing. Having managed teams of over 1000 plus FTEs (Full Time Employees) across varied billing models, we could change the way you see your contact centre in today's scenario. Book an appointment with us to know more about how your contact centre could improve your business performance.

Contact Centre Setup & Go Live

  • Everything that a contact centre needs right from the ground up to beyond

  • IVR and full cycle solutions including inbound customer channels

  • Call routing and agent prioritisation to help derive a better experience

  • On call execution, scripting, call tagging, in call support and beyond

  • Converting the transaction to an experience and post call interaction

  • Programming for success and ensuring pure customer delight time after time

Full Spectrum CX Strategy

  • From traditional to social media, we've got your CX channels covered 

  • We'll devise a cross platform architecture for you which will help you realise the strength of your current organisation and also help you leverage more

  • End to end solutioning will allow for better productivity and also increase efficiency and speed of operations leading to a better VOC

  • Smarter solutions for the customer leading to reduced workload for the team

Operations Management 

  • The better you manage your time, the better results you get as a project

  • Agent to call mapping, productivity tracking, NVA management, on call support, scripting efficiencies, redundancy removal and much more

  • Ancillary support, tracking agent communication with stakeholders & more

Auditory Support

  • The maker checker concept is an old but flawless model to ensure that everything that needs to be checked is in fact actually being checked

  • Auditing is an art and everyone is not an artist, which is why we get the best of auditors to your contact centre and ensure that things are in order

  • There's nothing wrong in keeping a check on things, as a matter of fact being vigilant is always better than being sorry

  • Correcting things on the move is always better than a reactive approach, so we get you solutions that keep you happy and the customer in love with you

  • Finally, all that you ever needed on the auditory front is delivered to you in one seamless report which can make your life very simple

Customer experience is a dish best served hot, we'll add the seasoning as well for you !