Stay Informed, Stay Safe . . .

Image by Jack Nagz

If you thought that Immigration was a cake walk, let's tell you that it's NOT. There's a bunch of things that you need to know about making a move abroad and one of the biggest truths is that you have a whole market of fraudsters out there who're going to use your lack of information and knowledge to their​ benefit. Well, you're in luck if you're reading this page because we're going to highlight a few key things that'll help you understand that you are being scammed. This is based on our personal experiences especially around Canadian Immigration that we've had with consultants in the market place, one of the reasons why we built this knowledge base in the first place. Read on and stay protected.

  • Scenario : Did you hear someone say that you can enter Canada on a visit visa and then your consultant could get it converted into a PR ? Think again, does it really sound legitimate to you to enter a foreign country this way ? Could it really be this easy to get in and get your visit visa converted to a PR ? If yes, half of India would be there. Don't get taken in by these irrational promises, exercise your knowledge and your understanding, you can do better than falling prey to these things

  • Scenario : Consultant or agent says that they could get you a job and basis the job you could ask your company to sponsor a PR Visa for self and spouse. Well, for starters even if this were to be true, how does the company justify picking up an individual from India when they have other qualified personnel in Canada itself ? Secondly, did you know that for picking up an individual from India, the company needs to go through a 3 to 4 month long recruitment process which has to be approved by the ESDC and the LMO. Not to mention the vast number of questions that need to be answered around your skills and qualifications and your ability to perform well in Canada

  • Scenario : The consultant or agent says that they could get you an offer letter and that makes life simple for you since you can move on a work visa which can then later be converted into a PR Visa. Again, there are some fundamental issues with this statement. While having a work visa can definitely get you points in your Express Entry application under the CEC category, you definitely cannot combine a work visa with a PR application. These are two completely different processes and need to be followed up independently for you to get where you need to go. Watch out for confusing conversations which tend to throw you off guard and let you fall prey to scams.

  • Scenario : Once the contract is signed up, you can sit easy because it's all in the consultant's hands. Honestly, no one on Earth, we repeat, no one can guarantee your PR Visa and there's a very good reason for this. Every application is determined by 4 factors, Age, Experience, Education and Language Tests. Hence, if there's anyone who can really guarantee what's going on with your application, it's you yourself and not the consultant for sure. So, take control of things around you and ensure that you're in a position to push back on tough situations so that no one takes you for a wild goose chase

  • Scenario : You keep getting vague answers from your consultant / agent about the entire PR process and every time you speak to them there seems to a different story about how the process works. This is a very stark indication that something is either wrong with the consultant or with your own understanding. But, in 9 cases out of 10, this could be the beginning of a fraud related concern. Ask yourself why someone would not want to give you information freely and more so when the same is so readily available on a million websites and that on google too. Trust your instincts and don't fall prey to such situations, keep yourself well informed

  • Scenario : The consultant seems only interested in signing the contract / agreement and keeps saying that they'll share the detailed process with you on mail only once you've signed on the dotted line. Why would someone not want to give you information and clarify your doubts first ? I mean that's what a consultant needs to do, clear all the concerns and make you feel comfortable. Anyone, not following this paradigm would give us the jitters and would raise concerns in our minds, as should they in yours. Always insist on getting the complete information and change your consultant in case if you feel that the information is conflicting and not in line with what you've seen or read

  • Scenario : You can fake the IELTS exam and they could arrange for someone else to give this on your behalf. If you've heard this, you should step away from that person's office as soon as you can. You're calling for potential trouble and that too a BIG one. If this happens to be found, you stand the chance of losing your position on the flight to Canada permanently for fraud. The Canadian Govt. is vert strict about these things and there's no way that anyone could save you or your application if you're found doing any of these things. The consultant or agent would conveniently step aside and you've lost the chance of a life time. Stay safe and protect yourself

  • Scenario : The background check can be managed, the consultant says that you can fake your experience. Well, if you want to try and play with the system, do so by all means but be ready to face the consequences which can mean getting barred from the process for 5 years or maybe even permanently. You need to understand that there's no adjustments in these listed down activities for the PR or for that matter any other processes too. You just have to ensure that you stay on top of all the information and do what's required of you without making any exceptions. And for sure, no one in the consultant fraternity, irrespective of how big they might be can influence the system. Once you get this right, you'll never want to play with your future again, be safe

There are tons of other indications which will help you realise how your application might progress with the specific agent or consultant that you are currently dealing with. Kindly note that we are NOT against any specific individual or type of consultants. This knowledge base is being shared with you in order to protect your interests. We are absolutely fine with you choosing the consultant of your liking, of course ICCRC approved ones or Immigration Attorneys are the best in class. Parallely, you could even build your application yourself and monitor the situation as it progresses and we could guide you as your advisors to do the same. The Govt. does not mandate for you to empanel an agent or a consultant or even an advisor at all. The choice is completely up to you. We just want to build awareness so that people's dreams don't come crashing down and they don't end up wasting precious money and even more precious time in this whole process.