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Canada's Waiting For "You"

Moving to Canada should be a hassle free, easy to execute and a memorable experience. How do we ensure your safety ?

  • Effective communication, removing the barriers towards securing your Permanent Resident Visa​​​

  • How soon should you schedule your language skills test ?​

  • Are you just a bachelor’s, do you stand a good chance ?​

  • Do you understand what’s a credential assessment and how you could get it done ?​

  • Would a year of paid work experience be enough to get started on the process ?​

  • Do you even have to be employed or having a business can help ? Will the process work if you aren’t employed ?​

  • Does a lack of funds get in the way, if not now, does it impact eventually ?​​

  • Is a background check really done on your profile by the Canadian Govt. ? How is it executed and what all is actually checked for ?

  • Should you work with just anybody or does it make sense to only work with an RCIC ?

  • If you’re between 18 to 55, is the Canadian turf for you ?​

  • What’s a CRS Score & have you calculated yours ? Is the score good enough to initiate a move ?​

  • Have you ever created an Express Entry or maybe a PNP profile ? What’s the next step ?​

  • Do you feel like you’re going to be in the pool forever ? Is there a way out of this situation ?​

  • Should you even bother with migrating to Canada ?

  • Let's help you decide all this. If you'd like to have a no obligation chat with us, we'd be more than happy to help

  • We stand by our commitment of calling you back only if you want us to. No spams, no repeat calls and absolutely no reminders !

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