Business Immigration (Entrepreneur Visa)

Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Investor immigration is a very unique and a highly specialised vertical. There could be many players in this space but in depth and complete knowledge of the entire processing system is the key to your successful migration abroad. Here's how we do it :


Step 1 : Initial Counselling

  • We try and understand your position in the business or corporate space

  • We align your position to the current demand in the business space in Canada

  • We give you a detailed insight about what all you need to be aware of during the process and also prepare you for the various stages

  • We then try and see how comfortable you are with the given series of steps

  • In case of any discomfort or confusion, we re-align the business discussions accordingly and try to fit your case into the best possible scenario for a go

  • Finally, after you understand the nuances, we start the paperwork

Step 2 : Complete Review Of Paperwork

  • We go through the documented checklist to understand which gaps might exist and how the same could be plugged

  • We look at alternate possibilities which could help make your case easier

  • We discuss timelines in order to ensure that correct and appropriate paperwork is available for filing as and when the timeline arrives

Step 3 : Prepare Business Case

  • A detailed business case needs to be made available for review by the Govt officials, this need extreme market insight and high level of scrutiny

  • The back office team in Canada gets you cutting edge expertise to prepare and submit the business case

Step 4 : Other Ancillary Steps & Case Filing

  • A series of other steps follow through and we review every step along the way in order to ensure a smooth filing

  • Multiple interventions follow through over the next few months with relevant and appropriate paperwork being submitted stage wise till end of the process

Countries Operated : Canada

Provinces Operated : Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia

Approximate Investment Needed (Lower End) :

  • Nova Scotia : 150,000 CAD

  • Ontario : 200,000 CAD

  • British Columbia : 200,000 CAD

Our Investor Visa division operates under the banner of Globewalker Immigration.  For this stream, we prefer a call or a face to face meet since it requires an extensive discussion around multiple scenarios.


We look forward to helping you move to your new life, Bon Voyage !

Note : We have a full fledged vertical which is involved in reviewing, short listing and finalizing various businesses for our clients in this segment. One doesn't need to bother about looking for businesses to invest in separately, our in house division would completely take care of this aspect. However, if one wants to look at other options, we are absolutely fine with that too. Our experts would help you in a complete financial analysis of the current as well as past situation of the business so that you make a completely informed decision.