Student Visa Programs

Student visa programs have been growing extensively in popularity for some very simple reasons. When you go and get a global degree you establish yourself in a community of growing youngsters who are all set to be global leaders. You open up a market place of opportunities which is much beyond what your parent country can offer. Not to mention the fact that you also end up earning in dollars. Let's have a look at some specifics of this program.

Faculties Covered

  • STEM : Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

  • Fashion Designing & Technology

  • Management & Business Studies

  • Medicine & Biotechnology

  • International Law & Trading, Immigration Law, Other Law Streams

  • General Commerce Studies

  • All internationally supported study streams

Student Visa Parameters

  • Countries Operated : 70+ Countries Globally

  • Time Frame : From 3 Months to 9 Months

  • Support & Processing Scope : From Documentation To Post Landing

  • English Exam Clearance Required : In Most Cases, Yes

  • English Exam Support Provided : Yes


  • Completion of previous education from an established institution :

    • 12th Grade to be done successfully for Bachelors

    • Bachelors to be done successfully for Masters

    • Masters to be done successfully for Ph. D

  • Backlogs Allowed : Yes, however limited in number

  • All Major Countries Supported : Yes

  • Documentation To Be Submitted : Multiple, guidance will be given per case

  • What You Need To Pay As Our Consulting Charges : Nothing

Since we deal with over 9500 Institutions spread across 70+ countries, it's impossible to list down all the colleges and universities here. We'd suggest that you get in touch with our back office for a detailed chat and they'll take you through face to face as well as video discussions depending upon where you're located. Post this chat you'd be in a better condition to understand where you'd like your final destination to be and then we can start working towards assisting you in getting mobilized. Feel free to connect.

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