The Leadership Team

Oliver Gonsalves

Chief Executive Officer, GCN

Customer Service Specialist | Business Leader | Multi Geography Domain Expert

Oliver’s been an expert in the field of customer services and client acquisition as well as end to end client servicing. He possesses extensive knowledge in the sector of managing clients across a multi diversity, multi geography scenario, thereby bringing in immense value.


He’s an avid sport person and loves spending time outdoors sharpening his on field skills about the game that drives India, cricket. Having spent some very stressful years in the Telecom industry which is well known for it’s long hours and extensive pressure, he’s come to be a man of the hour who’s gained a reputation for himself in the field of customer service and beyond. His knowledge of customer behavior patterns in a wide variety of sectors has helped Globewalker set the right expectations for it’s valued customers and service them according to those expectations.

With his involvement in the team, Globewalker looks at the horizon filled with challenges and smiles to itself, saying “Bring It On” !

Juleeta Chowdhari

VP - Enterprise Sales, GCN | Director, NFS

Sales Specialist | Finance Domain Expert | Multi Geography Business Specialist

Juleeta’s a hard core visionary, she believes strongly in taking the lead in terms of business delivery and specifically in the field of networking and sales. She comes from a strong finance based background with enough and more experience of over 3 decades.


Being a mom to a teenage son herself, she knows the kinds of issues that plague the youth today with respect to decision making and moving into the next realm of their lives. She, hence has been very actively involved in the entire process of helping students across all walks of life move to other countries and build up a life of their own over there.


Needless to say, she can be a hard task master when it comes to that and ensures that students and parents take her advise seriously in order build a better future for each of individual who counsels with her. In the end, all one can say is that if you have someone with her experience on your side, you definitely can’t go wrong. Meet her in person, guaranteed, you'll stand to benefit from her experience !

Amit Jain

Director Of University Operations, GCN

Educational Sector Specialist | International Schooling Expert | Business Specialist

Amit’s a man of few words but what he lacks in terms of communication, he more than makes up in terms of service delivery. He’s been involved in the education sector for over 7 years now and his connect with GCN has helped us penetrate the overseas market and deliver results on student movement abroad in many a ways.


As a consequence of his association with us, we now have over 9500 internal schools / colleges and universities which are connected with us for a range of programs including bachelors, master and PhD courses as well as a range of short term modules all of which can guarantee a level of career abroad across a range of job verticals.


He delivers expert and accurate advise to students and many of whom today can owe their success to him in countries like US, Canada, Australia, parts of Europe and Middle East as well as South East Asia. With more than 800 students who have found their calling in the international market, it’s your turn to make a move too !

Bhushan Kamble

Chief Technology Officer, GCN | Director, QSET

Technology Specialist | Domain Expert | Business Analytics Specialist

Bhushan’s been a highly successful tech entrepreneur and Globewalker decided to get him on board for managing it’s wide portfolio of customers on the technology range. In return, Globewalker manages the sales and marketing portfolio for QSET, which is now a completely integrated subsidiary of the Globewalker Consulting Network.


With his extensive experience in various technology domains, specifically around IOS, Android and ERP systems, Bhushan’s been highly successful and managing a large portfolio of services and a few in grown products which have taken the tech horizon for us to a whole new level. Now serving clients in 5 countries across the globe and ensuring that we deliver world class, customer experience, always !


When you’ve got a tech problem, Bhushan is your go-to man and he ensures that no stone’s left unturned to deliver the results that your organization needs. Try us out today, you’ll walk away with a broad smile on your face !

Royce Baretto

Regional Director, GCN Mangalore | Director, RWR

Serial Entrepreneur | Recruitment Specialist | Multi Geography Business Leader

Royce is the man of the moment, he knows the pulse of HR like probably no one else does. With over two decades in the business, his skills on managing the needs of individuals are very well honed and he needs no introduction to the field of counseling and manpower management. He is extremely focused and dedicated to managing the needs of his clients who in turn can vouch for the extremely dedicated approach that Royce carries.


He manages a very critical region for Globewalker, heading overall project planning and execution for our product verticals and establishing deep impact links with the industry. With his presence in this sector, he ensures that Globewalker re-establishes faith and confidence in the overall marketplace.


One thing continues to stand the commitment of time, Royce and the entire Globewalker management is here to make a difference to the lives of it’s customers and together we’ll change the face of consulting & spread the message of truth & honesty, just like it should be !

Thomas is a leading business consultant, strategist and a corporate trainer with over 15 years of experience in this space. He's successfully served clients in the Financial Services, Retail, Real Estate, Hospitality and the Manufacturing industries. He's been accredited with the certifications below :


* Franklin Covey, USA

* Dale Carnegie, USA


* Over 35 independent certifications from leading and reputed institutions

* Recognised for Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Business Strategy & Financial Planning

He's served in multiple geographies including India, North America, UK, Europe and the Middle East. His passion for coaching and mentoring is unparalleled, if he's on your turf, there's something new that you're going to learn for sure. He heads our LnD Services for clients across the globe !

We've also got a large back office team which can support you in many ways and also give you timely solutions to the many questions that you may have across the wide range of verticals that we service on a day to day basis.


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We are very responsive as a team and endure to have your answers out in between 2 to 4 hours basis the nature of the query. We look forward to doing business with you !

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Thomas Kuriakose

VP - Learning & Development, GCN

LnD Specialist | High Impact Sales Coach | Business Improvement Leader