Corporate LnD Support

Cross Cultural Training

Our highly specialised team of trainers have been engaged in various learning and development programs across the corporate landscape. From custom developed programs to pre-defined ones and even being a complete training extension to the in-house teams of many SMEs, we've been responsible for changing the training landscape and the throughput for quite a few of our esteemed clients.  

​It's All In The Structure

  • We believe time is required for change to be effective 

  • Our trainers dig deep into your existing structure to understand pain points

  • They work with you to get a feel of what's causing the pain, walk the talk

  • The training modules are then created in order to map real life concerns

  • Delivery is then decided keeping in mind the team's schedule & work loads

  • Effectiveness of training is the key and we work towards ensuring the same

  • Leaders are encouraged to and blended in as part of the program to influence

  • Hand holding post training and mapping delivery on ground is the final straw

Training Segments 

  • General English Skills (L-R-W-S)

  • Cross Cultural Training For Over 8 Different Countries

  • Behavioural Skills

  • Custom Built Leadership Programs

Broad Training Programs

  • General English Training (GET)

  • Cross Cultural Training Sensitisation (CCS)

  • Behavioural Training Skills (BTS)

  • Life Skills (LS)

  • Business Competence Skills (BCS)

  • Mind Mapping Programs (MMP)

  • Student Development Programs (SDP)

  • College To Campus (C2C)

  • Sales Training Programs (STP)

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills (CIS)

  • Business Stabilisation Programs for SMEs and Start Ups Only (BSP)

  • And Lots More . . .

We look forward to helping you in getting enlightened, happy learning people !

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