Right People, Right Values !

  • There's something about having the right value system in your DNA, it just makes you so much more reliable and completely approachable. Our leadership team is absolutely available to all our customers irrespective of the ticket size and they believe in ensuring that problems are solved to the effect of a non repeatability


  • A very strict anti-bribery policy ensures that no customer is ever cheated since cash payments are not allowed and every customer is highly encouraged to bring it to the management's notice in case if they've been asked for any payment by a channel partner or a vendor

  • A very robust auditing system ensures that every loop hole is covered time and again and there's no stone left unturned to get the right practices in place to satisfy every single customer

  • An open culture also allows for customers to walk into our offices in order to give us feedback and help us correct any processes that might be causing pain in the system

  • We DO NOT operate in association with any employment agencies abroad and DO NOT offer any false promises of a job or an interview abroad. This segment is one of the biggest scams that take place in the immigration sector as of today and one cannot be careful enough while dealing with various agencies in this vertical

  • The entire team has been clearly instructed to NOT charge anything for the entire counselling / advisory process and there's a very strict de-empanelment and termination policy in place in case if anyone including channel partners, employees or the management team is found defaulting on this one. Complaints pertaining to the same can be raised with the CEO's office as mentioned below

Apart from all of the above, you may also write in to the India CEO on oliver.gonsalves@outlook.com in order to address any issues that might be bothering you and which haven't yet been addressed adequately by the staff or any of the channel partners. Mails are responded to within a couple of hours.

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